Ponytail Palm Top Broke Off


The ponytail palm, also referred to as the elephant’s foot palm, is a distinctive and well-liked house plant that stands out for its “ponytail” of leaves that sits atop a tall, bulbous stem.

However, occasionally the plant’s top might fall off, leaving the owner with a stump rather than a complete plant.

In this article, I’ll take a look at why this might happen and give you some tips on how to help your plant recover and thrive.

Ponytail Palm Top Broke Off

Can You Fix a Broken Ponytail Palm?

A broken ponytail palm can fixed, but the success of the fix will depend on how bad the break is and how healthy the plant is in general. Here are a few things you can try to fix if your ponytail palm is broken:

Clean the Broken Area

“To fix a broken ponytail palm, get a clean and sharp knife.” In remove any leaves or stems that are broken or discoloured.”

After that, wipe the wound with rubbing alcohol to stop any infection from developing. This straightforward action can help your plant recover in a big way.

Apply Rooting Hormone

You can add rooting hormone to the sliced surface if the fractured region is smaller than an inch in diameter. The plant will develop new roots as a result.

Place it In a Warm, Bright Location

Put the plant’s broken top somewhere warm and bright but out of direct sunlight. Wait for the new roots to develop while keeping the soil wet.

Re-pot the Plant

Re-pot the plant in a new pot with fresh dirt after the roots have developed.

Even with these safeguards, it is important to realise that restoring a damaged ponytail palm is not always effective, and the plant may perish.

It’s also crucial to keep track of the plant’s overall health and condition. It could be advisable to start afresh with a new plant if the current one seems to be having trouble.

The Ponytail Palm Top Turned Black Problem

The top of a ponytail palm can turn black for a variety of reasons, including overwatering, pests or illness.


The ponytail palm’s top can become black due to crown rot brought on by overwatering. This could happen if the soil doesn’t drain well or if the plant gets too much water.

Make sure the soil drains adequately, and only water the plant when the top inch of soil feels dry to avoid this.

Pests or Disease

By feeding on the sap of the plant, pests like mealybugs or scale insects can turn the top of the ponytail palm black. The top of the palm may also become black due to a bacterial or fungal infection.

Lack of Sunlight

“The ponytail palm is a plant that can live in low light but does best in direct, bright light.” Your plant may begin to turn black on top if it isn’t receiving enough sunshine.

Place your ponytail palm in a location where it may get bright, indirect light to avoid this problem.

“It is vital to conduct a thorough inspection of your facility for signs of the aforementioned issues.” After recognising the problem, you may take the necessary steps to fix it.

However, if the top of your ponytail palm is already black and dried, it is most certainly irreparable.

Will the Top of a Ponytail Palm Grow Back After Falling Off?

It is conceivable for a ponytail palm’s top to regrow after it has fallen off, although this depends on the plant’s health and age. The plant might be able to develop a new top if it is young and healthy.

If the plant is injured or old, it might not be able to recover. It may take the ponytail palm several years to regain its previous size and shape, even if it is able to develop its crown once more.

Conclusion – Ponytail Palm Top Broke Off

In conclusion, it’s critical to clean up any shattered pieces and remove any damaged leaves if the top of your ponytail palm has broken off. By putting the broken top in soil or by taking stem cuttings and allowing them to grow in water, you can attempt to reproduce it.

Furthermore, recognising and fixing the underlying cause of the problem, such as over- or under-watering, illness, pests, or a lack of light, is critical to preventing it from occurring again.

FAQs – Ponytail Palm Top Broke Off

Can I cut the top off a ponytail palm?

It is true that you can take the top off the ponytail palm. However, it is crucial to remember that cutting the top off could cause damage to the plant.
If you are looking to preserve the plant It is advised to cut the top off lower than the point where it was snapped us an instrument that is sharp.
It is also possible to can also cut all the foliage off at the top of this plant to make it expand downwards to form the shape of the ponytail.

Why is my ponytail palm top broken off?

“Ponytail palms may not technically be palm trees, but they are succulent plants. Therefore, if the tip of your ponytail palm has broken off, there is a potential that it may repaired.
Let’s now look at what caused the problem. If the top snapped off, the plant was likely moved during a house transfer, relocated, or accidentally toppled over while being handled.

What do you do with a broken ponytail palm?

Before planting it in a cactus mix, remove the entire broken top and coat it with rooting hormone. Keep the newly planted top and base in a well-lit area.

What happens if you cut the top off a ponytail palm?

The stem would exposed to fungus and mildew as a result of the process, and it would probably decay before it could ever begin to grow new leaves or offsets.

Can You Reattach The Broken Section?

If the top has fallen off, the top has broken off. There is very little you can make to fix it. The top, and even when you are able to get the top back in place by using tape, will not be able to reattach.

Can you top a ponytail palm?

Absolutely, you can top the ponytail of a palm, however, it is not advise unless you are trying to stimulate the plant to produce multiple trunks. Removing leaves is simple to do and can use to maintain the look of your plant. However, the ponytail palms are generally low maintenance and don’t require trimming. If you decide to trim the top off the ponytail palm, it is crucial to cut an exact cut using an instrument that is sharp to prevent damaging the plant.

Can Your Root The Broken Section?

Unfortunately, the damaged section will not grow in the event that you choose to place it in another container.
The palms of the ponytail are rather propagate by pups (as also seeds). These puppies are small side shoots, which grow as the plant matures and develop from the root of this plant.
They can easily remove with an instrument and later placed in an additional pot to allow for propagation.

How do I root a broken ponytail palm top?

Remove the rotten or damaged parts of the cracked top and allow it to dry for several days. It should plant in soil that is well-drained and then water well until it starts to sprout.

Can a ponytail palm survive if the top breaks off?

A ponytail palm can be able to survive even if the top falls off, as long that the stem is remaining in good condition.

What causes a ponytail palm top to break off?

Palm tops that are adorned with ponytails can split because of overwatering, drowning, or a variety of diseases, pests, or physical harm.

Can I propagate a ponytail palm from cuttings?

Yes, they can. Ponytail palms can propagated by cuttings, which include broken tops.

How long does it take for a ponytail palm to grow back after the top breaks off?

It can take a few months to a whole year for a ponytail hand to grow again after the top falls off.

Can I report a ponytail palm after the top breaks off?

Absolutely, you can post a new ponytail when the top is broken off, so long that your item is still in good condition.

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